April 23, 2015

Sloan Cox in his Mitsubishi EVO 8 Hillclimb SpecialSloan Cox, manages to overcome problems with the hillclimb car to finish 4th overall and 3rd in class. Sloan Cox, who managed to overcome problems with the hillclimb car to finish 4th overall and 3rd in class. 

The team was plagued by several issues over the weekend, the first being the loss of rear brakes on the opening run. They also suffered from centre differential issues with both mechanical and electrical problems surfacing. Cox stopped 1km into the first run on Sunday when the centre differential casing broke as the part did not handle the torque the engine makes. The service crew worked hard before the final run of the event to replace the part and also lock the hydraulic controls on the centre differential to give Cox more control of the car.   Sloan Cox, finishes 4th overall and 3rd in class.Left to Right, 2nd in class Brett Hayward, 1st in class Alister McRae, and 3rd in class Sloan Cox. Photo provided by Euan Cameron

This change enabled Cox to finish 3rd on the top twenty shootout, securing prime position of last on the road for the final run which the winning results were based on. The Cox Motorsport team were absolutely thrilled that Cox secured 4th position given that the oil light came on halfway through the final run causing Cox to back off to ensure he crossed the finish line.   “It was a difficult event for me, learning the car and overcoming the problems we had. Problems aside I really enjoyed the challenging event. Now that I have driven the hill, I am confident that once the car is sorted we definitely have the right vehicle which is capable of winning the event outright” states Cox.  

Cox wishes to thank Highlands Motorsport Park and Tony Quinn for bringing back Race to the Sky. This was always an event he wanted to compete in and is now looking forward to attacking this event yearly and one year becoming King of the Mountain. 

Prepared by Cox Motorsport Ltd, photo credit Ben Hughes PROSHOTZ Photography and Euan Cameron. To find out more about Cox Motorsports go to the Facebook Page